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Music Production
Our label can provide you with production of any musical material for your projects. Whether it is about pre-recorded tapes for live performance, composing arrangements, recording tracks, we can work at different levels and in several fields in order to give you the production you are looking for. We have at the disposal of our team semi-professional recording studio PNP, numerous instruments and musiciens, analog and digital equipment, even with the ability to provide you with pre-mastered tapes, ready for air play, CD manufacturing, or live performance.

Many demos and recordings have been made by our team, the last of which being the album for the Lightseekers, a heavy rock band, for which our job went from co-writing lyrics and music to orchestra music scoring, including recording the musicians themselves, mixing and mastering.

Record Production
After the music production phase, we offer the possibility to manufacture your record (essentially optical discs) with our partner MPO France. For this service, we sign a contract granting Silence Records with exploitation rights for the master tapes you give us, or which were produced by our own label. This service can include marketing campain planning, sleeve/packaging design, tape final mastering, manufacturing supervision, logistics and storing, sales record, online store with credit card and worldwide shipping...

Silence Records has been then hired to produce Doobie System's first album and help promote it, for instance with our online ordering capacity, among others.

Artist Production
Silence Records can handle all or a part of artistic production as well, from music publishing (song casting, songwriting, copyright protection) to record production, or licencing to a music marketing company, for artists chosen by our A&R team.

In 2003, we were involved in signing Antoine Claudé to Baxter (Universal) for his leading role in the musical Belles, Belles, Belles performed at the Olympia of Paris from November 2003 to January 2004.

Artist production
Record production

Recording studio

Music publishing

Graphic design

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