PNP Studio

PNP Studio is equiped with modern tools for recording, a perfect blend of the best from both analog and digital technologies. Because of its size (one recording room of 30m² + monitoring room), the studio has specialized in step-by-step production (one instrument after an other) and recording of small ensembles (brass section, acoustic/unplugged versions...).

The productions benefit from analog hardware equipment for sound treatment during the recording process: Audio-Technica, Rode, Shure... condenser microphones, tube preamps, and expander/gate + tube compressor/limiter from Behringer. A new Tascam FW-1884 digital console offers A/D conversion in 24bits/96kHz as well as MIDI, FireWire and ADAT connections to our two workstations, for a total of up to 18 simultaneous audio tracks for recording. For editing and mixing, we work with Logic Audio, Sony Vegas, Sony SoundForge, a number of plug-ins, and for mastering, T-Racks, Izotope Ozone and Steinberg Wavelab.

We have several music instruments available at our studio. The following list is certainly incomplete [some instruments can be temporarily unavailable] : Korg Triton, Marshall Valvestate 100, Peavey 5150, Hughes & Kettner, Marshall 4x12, Ovation Elite 1868, Fender Stratocaster (with Seymour Duncan humbucker pickup), Ibanez Steve Vai, Pearl Export Custom Drumkit, Roland TD6 + electronic pads, Hammond organ, various percussion, etc.

Audio/Video Editing & Production
Latest extensions to the equipment at PNP allows now to offer audio/video editing and production. Video aquisition card, digital ports, professional software [Sony Vegas Video, Adobe Premiere and After Effects, Creative Suite...] and monitors constitute the working environment, completing 3D and graphic design activities. Our staff is available for any video shooting of small and medium scale around the area of Provence.

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