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Saint-Rémy de Provence,
December 01, 2008

Release of Flying Free, 1st album of the Lightseekers, in stores in Asia and international download.

Since November 19, 2008, label Silence Records is happy to announce rock band Lightseekers’ first album recent release. These past few months we were fortunate in our efforts to meet with record company Marquee, Inc. for licensing in Japan and 8 other Asian countries, completed by a deal with Alien Prod for online delivery on the world’s biggest music download websites (iTunes, Fnac, Virgin, Napster, Rhapsody...). At present, our team is working at finding partners for distribution/licensing in France, Europe and North America.

Since the showcase in 2006 introducing the band for the first time in support of their first promo album Last Mission, the Lightseekers took 2 years to find its way and prepare the ground for quite a surprise. The incredible story of these 5 young guys from a village in Provence, southern France, will have been forged with sleepless nights at a barn, tidied up for the occasion.

Without real training and only lightly equipped, the Lightseekers managed to successfully write, record and produce a rock album, in English, working in fine details this project they gave birth to.

Passionately determined, the 5 musicians even got the interest of Gus Monsanto, a young and rising Brazilian singer seduced by the crafting of the songs as much as the friendship that tied them altogether in ambition.

Conceived and produced near Avignon and mastered by Globe Audio in Bordeaux, this definitely rock-sounding LP mixes classical, blues, pop and heavy influences, offering 12 tracks written in English but yet surely waving a French flag.

In the same spirit of self-inspired quest, the Lightseekers achieved at the end of 2007 to put up a real team for the production of a promotional music video, while waiting for the album to be completed. Shot and broadcasted in high definition, this project in itself faithfully portrays the band’s and its members’ visual identity, honest and glowing, impatient to share their emotions with the biggest crowds.

As soon as 2008, the Lightseekers without further delay tried their hands at an unexpected exercise: a private acoustic concert, bringing the songs as well as the performers again to a totally new dimension – for which the warm welcome from the audience was the best of rewards [to watch on YouTube]. The live experience was shown true again at the Glanum Rock Festival this summer, opening for Parisian band Shannon.

The Lightseekers present themselves as band of its time with broad musical taste that unites people, already giving a little hint at the evolution and richness of their style. Be prepared for yet another surprise in 2009 by an artist getting into a diversely creative process, enlightened by a definite spirit of rock ‘n’ roll.

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